Phantom Zap-Pulse

Phantom Zap-Pulse

Phantom Zap-Pulse are very dangerous mobs that possess many abilities. They only spawn in Phantania, usually in groups. They have 50 <3 and can be potentially life-threatning without the right tools to fight it with.


Phantom Zap-Pulse take on more abilities of Plasma mobs; they have pyrokinesis and electrokinesis. They usually can see the player from about 70 blocks away, and they also have the power to teleport, but it is limited. Once they reach the Player, they cloak themselves for a few seconds, then become visible on the Player's line of sight (very close to them) and screech very loud. This will startle the Player and gives the Phantom Zap-Pulse time to attack. First, they will set the Player on fire, then electrocute them with a red bolt of lightning that does enough damage to kill a Player in a full suit of diamond armor. The Phantom Zap-Pulse will then try to run away and repeat the process, in which the Player is likely to still be on fire. This is the only time to successfully attack the Phantom Zap-Pulse, even though there is a chance that the attack will go through them. They don't drop any items upon death, but a lot of XP.


Phantom Zap-Pulse only spawn in Phantania. They tend to spawn more when the Player has the following items in their hotbar or inventory:

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