Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.
Creeper 4

Pig Creeper

Pig Creepers are Rare and Legendary Creepers found in the BlackDown and Possible World dimension. They were one of the creepers that lived before Israphel and After Herobrine on Planet Earth. When they explode they drop Cooked Porkchop and when killed they drop 2 Redstones and Raw Porkchop.


Pig Creepers are Neutral Creepers that are fast swimmers and tameable Creepers like Cat Creepers. Their Explosion is Very Deep but shallower than Mutant Creepers. They are protectors of pigs so when you hit a Pig or Piglet it will chase you to try and kill you. They can spawn 2 Pigs when exploded (very rarely).


When taming a Pig Creeper you need 6 carrots and they will follow you. When they are tamed and you lash a Mob it will kill it using it's feet which is a One Hit Kill (exept for other creepers, Iron Golem,Witch and Ghast they have to be hitten two times).


  • They are feared by Zombie Pigmen and Snow Golems.
  • They are afraid of Ocelots, Cats and Cat Creepers. 
  • They can be dueled with Cat Creepers and other Pig Creepers

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