Plasma Blade

Plasma Blade

The Plasma Blade is a very strong weapon that is super affective against Quantum Mobs. It is the fusion of electricity and fire. It is crafted from four pieces of Plasma and a diamond for the handle instead of wood. Two of the Plasma goes in the regular formation of a sword, the diamond goes in the bottom center, and the other two Plasma are in the center left and the center right. It is also Herobrine's weapon of choice in the Hunters Saga


The Plasma Blade does a base of 29 <3, and sets the mob on fire as well as paralize them. Sometimes mobs are seen "melting" from the intense pressure and heat from the direct physical contact with the blade and seem to turn to steam or a puddle of goop and drop 4x the amount of items they regularly drop. Quantum mobs are rendered helpless to this, and the sword deals 2x more damage than normal. Having Plasma in your hotbar increases the amount of damage dealt.

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