Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.
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Cousins of Water Creepers

Poseidon Creepers or Atlantis Creepers are neutral Creepers related to Water Creepers and found in Minelantis. It is based on the Greek god, Poseidon and can cause a flood or whirlpool. Never interfere them unless you are in Creative Mode!


They have Cyan/Mint coloured skin and Lavender Feet. It also have Yellow eyes. Note that they look similar to a Comic Character named Creeptune who is a hybrid of them.


Atlantis Creepers can breathe on both water and Land but not underground. They protects the waters and Horses. Any Mob including other creepers and players harms or does something to them (like hitting them) it will drown them. They are Fear by all Nether Mobs and Endermen and afraid of Witches. Poseidon Creepers can hit (like endermen) too and explode by leaving a Flood. If they start a fight with Endermen, the enderman will run or teleport away with their mouth open. However, They cannot do anything to Squids, Fishes, Dolphins, Whales, Rainy and Rainbow Creepers, it is ok for what they done. They fastest way to kill them is Potion of Harming, Iron Sword or Diamond Sword. When killed they drop a Gunpowder, 3 Buckets of Water and rarely Diamonds.


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