This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction.
Temperary or Permanent?

Possible Pollen (aka Permanent Seed)

Possible Pollens are gained by picking them from the Possible Stalks. They can be Renewable and be used like Seeds. When Picked, you get about 4 Pollens or 5.


They are used to make the Flight Potion, Make another Possible Stalk and make potions permanent. So when you already have a potion, you can use it to brew and make permanent. If you make the Flight Potion Permanent, You can land but you can double click Space Bar to fly like in Creative Mode. You can fly none stop too. They are also used for breeding/taming certain Mobs.


  • It is like the Golden Version of Pumpkin Seeds.
  • Like all pollens, it is yellow.

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