Possible Zombie

GRRRRRH!!! I just came out of a Possible Grave :P

This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction

Possible Zombies are melee hostile Mobs that spawn in the Possible World. They are commonly found within caves and above ground during the night.


These Zombies are stronger than regular Zombies, Zombie Villagers and Zombie Pigmen. When it hits the Player, he/she will fall on the ground losing 4 hearts. They can deal with damages through both Iron and Wooden Doors. They are not afraid of taking damages like Skeletons. They can be spawned with Armour on like all zombies and skeletons. Possible Zombies have 2x speed, health and jump speed. When killed, they drop 0-2 Rotten Flesh and rarely a Potion of Strength. 


  • Unlike Regular Zombies and Zombie Villagers, their shirt are ripped.
  • They are not afraid of Death. Once they hunt the Player or Obsidian Dragon(tamed) they are fine.
  • They do not care if you disguse yourself as a Zombie, they can still come after you.

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