This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction.

Potion of Floating

If you're tired of swimming you can just float (like flying in waters)by drinking or splashing this!

Potion of Floating is a potion that can make the Player and other Mobs float. Unlike Flight Potion it cannot be removed unless permanent. It can give more time to float over an Ocean, Sea, River etc. from Hostile Mobs' attacks and just to go to the otherside.


You need Leether Soup in your Mutande Potion, Thick Potion or Awkward Potion.

Effect on Player and Mobs


  • To float anywhere limited (when temperary) or unlimited (when permanent).
  • To float safe from danger


  • To float safe from danger
  • To attack the player when hit (neutral or hostile)


  • This is one of the potion that haves an advantage and disadvantage (the others are Flight Potion, Potion of Harming and Healing).

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