This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction.

Potion of Thickness

Potion of Thickness

Potion of Thickness is a potion that can make the Player and other Mobs become thick without using an armor. Unlike Flight Potion it cannot be removed unless permanent. It can make you Fire Proof, damage proof and anything proof. To remove it you need Potion/Splash Potion of Weakness.


You need Leether Cream in your Mutande Potion, Thick Potion or Awkward Potion.

Effect on Player and Mobs


  • Any Mob that comes to attack the Player, he/she is protected.
  • The player can swim in lava, stand near explosion or been shocked by lightning.
  • If The Player does harm or is next to harm he/she would not die of been hurt.  


  • They are very strong (especially the Utility Mobs)
  • The Mobs are not afraid of anything, that means the Creeper is not afraid of Cats


  • It is like in creative mode when permanent.
  • It is the strongest and best Potion in Minecraft.

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