Power is the strongest boss on minecraft,taking any form he wishes.Power will toy with the player( do random things) after they have completed the descent storyline.


When the player finishes 'descend unto madness' they will hear a rumbling and will suddenly be teleported to the void lands,a rasping voice will speak to them...

Scene 1: Rasping voice: welcome,Steve...I've been waiting for you. Steve:what the... (A shock wave sweeps through the player's body,killing them. Rasping voice:sleeeeeeeep.

Scene 2: (The players wakes up coughing and spluttering) Steve: did that just happen? Rasping voice:hello! Steve:who-(trembles) are you?! Rasping voice: that matters not, the real question is...who are YOU? Steve: my name is Steve, I have a nice home in the forest,a dog and need to kill every boss of this land to save the human race. Rasping voice: hmmm... Very well then, but know this,identity is a matter of perception... Steve: Ok-ay?

Scene 3

When all the bosses are killed,power will appear and shout.The player will stab power,making him teleport to the bottom of a newly spawned pit large enough to kill the player with fall damage.steve will jump down and in power's last dying breath will cry,"who are you?" To which Steve will respond,"I-am-herobrine." And the shoots power with a kill ball.Steve has now completed his descent and the human race will now ultimately live and will restore Steve to his original life as a blockian. The player can now teleport and shoot fireballs.


When scene two is finished,the player will be teleported to a mountain where their items will be in a chest.Power will now do things to the player, such as: Spawning mobs Picking them up and shaking them Setting blocks on fire Launching TNT making blocks disappear And,finally,spawning ravines in front of the player.

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