Prince Aspia

Prince Aspia

Prince Aspia is the son of King Azuli, whom is ruler of Fah'turhn. He was born with two heads - nobody knows why - and he is generally taller than other serpents. The second head (the one without the crown) does not talk, but often influences thoughts into the other one. The scar on Prince Aspia's left eye was from an invading soldier of another city that clawed it. He is blind on that eye.


Prince Aspia is very aggressive, and does not care much of the Warriors that are left to fight or injuries from other townspeople of Fah'turhn. He has depression that was never treated correctly because his father constantly looked down on him and shouted criticism that was never true. Queen Darnaelia, his mother, always tried to have a positive attitude around him in the hopes of seeing him positive and happy as well, but sadly never work to change his mood.

Prince Aspia dislikes his father, but is always trying to be like him. He often goes outside, receiving seldom greetings from others. He also tries to ctriticize others with what they are doing, yet they are most of the time doing nothing wrong. He likes to torture the two Warriors that accompany him by forcing them to do grueling tasks purely for entertainment. Sometimes he asks them to balance a stone on their nose without it falling off, then yells at them to get their reaction. King Azuli never cares about what his son does, leaving him with the free will of a prince.

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