Probrums are one of the weakest tiers.


Probrums are strongly looked down upon, described wearing torn clothing, weilding broken weapons, and having poor health and physical condition. They are highly misjudged, called "major disgraces of the universe". This is because ancient enemies were downgrated to Probrums so they wouldn't do any harm, and everyone would make fun and tease them since they could not fight back or resist the taunting.

All modern human/animal Probrums have nothing to do with the ancient threats, but people still treat them like the once-dangerous beings, thus bringing a lot of tierism (like racism, but with tiers). Probrums cannot be upgraded to any other tier once they become a Probrum, and are weaker than mortals. No mater how many times a Probrum dies, they cannot be eridicated from history. Most are deprived of every need a human being would require, like sleep, food, and shelter. Probrums are always on the mood and are sadly very common.

However, not every race makes a Probrum's life miserable. Rejins, Endi, and most Derikas are most often coming across Probrums and helping them instead of hurting them. Even this does not help usually with what goes on constantly in the disgraced tier; they often look down upon themselves, facing a lot of depression, suicidal thoughts, and wanting to get away from people. This is why Probrums are never quick to accept help, since a lot of tierist people try to convince them that they are good, but end up treating them horribly when it is too late to escape.

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