Quantum is a rare craftable item that is nessisary for the recipe in Quantum tools and creating Blocks of Quantum. It is dropped by mining a block in a time field generated by a Time Distorter. It is the fusion of psychic powers and manipulation of time and space. It has multiple useful, well, uses.


Quantum alone has few but very useful abilities. For one, it can be thrown to teleport the Player somewhere else like an Enderpearl without harming them, and it can be right-clicked on the ground to create a small bubble field of either time sped up or slowed down. It can also generate a field of anti-gravity with the R key that allows the Player to jump higher and make falling blocks float, aka Sand and Gravel.

Sometimes, as amusement, Players can use the slowed-time field to place a TNT block, ignite it, and watch blocks flying around in slow motion.

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