Quantum Wither

Quantum Wither

Quantum Withers are another boss in Minecraft that are challenged after defeating a regular wither twice. They have many special abilities, some not shared by any other boss. They are a cutscene boss. To challenge them, the Player must build the configuration of a normal wither, but out of Blocks of Quantum and Temporal Heads.


It does not matter where you make the Quantum Wither, it will still be able to be fought. When the player creates it, the first cutscene will play.

(Cutscene Lines)

  • The Player finishes making the Quantum Wither*
  • The Quantum Wither is slowly growing in size, towering over the player*

The Player: How the heck am I supposed to fight this thing?

  • The Quantum Wither roars and charges at the Player*

(end of cutscene)

The Quantum Wither is highly resistant to drowning, freezing, fall damage, and most swords. The only sword that can penatrate it's seemingly invisible armor is the Plasma Blade. Other swords can damage it, but it is usually halved. The Quantum Wither can teleport, shoot projectiles that damage and teleport the player, force time to speed up, slow down, or go back/forward in time. Most Quantum mobs have the power to manipulate time and space. This boss has 1,000 <3 and will randomly freeze itself in time and gain some health back before unfreezing. The other cutscene will play when the Quantum Wither is defeated.

(Cutscene Lines)

QW: Aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeee! *shriveling up to nothing but bluish dust*

The Player: Ha! Take that, blue Wither thing!

QW: *explodes, knocking the Player backwards*

  • something glitering is in the center of the crater*

(end of cutscene)

The item that is lying in the center of the crater the Quantum Wither left behind is a Quantum Star. The Player can choose to use it in crafting, or it is able to be placed on a block and will cause a 90-block radius to be filled with blue light at a level of 15.

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