Queen Darnaelia

Queen Darnaelia

Queen Darnaelia is the female serpent ruler of Fah'turhn. She is much kinder and gentle-hearted than her husband and son, King Azuli and Prince Aspia. She has the same golden chestplates, crown, and earings as King Azuli. She is generally more concerned about present and future events than him.


Queen Darnaelia is kind-hearted to lost strangers, even when her husband disagrees. She knows a lot more about non-naitive authority figures than he does, like The Rulers, The Seven Shadows, ect. She prefers to stay away from public, however, and does not like to speak often unless, in her opinion, absolutely nessisary. Warriors preffer to take orders from her when in a tight situation (aka the midst of battle), though often she isn't even there. She tends more to Prince Aspia than King Azuli does.

Queen Darnaelia is very slow to anger. Because of this, others have viewed her as a wise and calm leader. Passerbys tend to bow to her more often than they do to King Azuli (which often enrages him), surprisingly enough. She often tries to take on the non-war engaging option when in a rough argument with a rival enemy, even though this is usually the exact opposite than her husband wants. She is somewhat considered a rebel because she is known to break rules of the kingdom, stating that there is a 'logical reason' for doing so.

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