This doesn't exist in Minecraft, It's just fiction

Rainbow Quencher

Quencher the Rainbow Blaze

Quencher (also known as Rainbow Quencher, Wither Killer or Ice Blaze)
is a Blaze that does not associate with fire but with Water and Ice. They are still Hostile Mobs and Stronger than Wither . It kills any wither it sees or Dragon. It only shoots Iceball Bomb that freezes the player half of his/her whole life. They are found only in Calfloward.


These are the Most Dangerous Blazes found in Rainbow Fortresses in Calfloward. Their Damage are stronger yet safer than Withers', Dragons' and Blazes. They cannot die from fire but they can Die from Lava with -10 damages. Quenchers form rainbows and rain in Calfloward. When killed they drop Quencher Staff.



Quencher Minecraft Skin. (made by BrunoMuniz999)

  • They are called Quencher because they have Water/Ice powers instead of fire.
    I can fly!

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