This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
Quencher Bow and Arrow

Quencher Bow and Arrow

Quencher Bow is a Weapon created out of the Quencher's Staffs and Strings. They are one of the strongest weapon in Minecraft. It requires Quencher Arrow to shoot. When you shoot it after a Mob they will freeze (some will just die). It kills non-fiery mobs fast and Slowly kills Fire Mobs and the Wither. It can even kill an Enderman quick as well as Fire Creepers, Ender Steve, Herobrine (Boss). The disadvantage of this weapon is the Quencher Arrow when shot at an Obsidian Dragon it does not dies, it is no effect.


It is very similar to a regular Bow but with Quencher Staffs.

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