Radioactive Toxic Creeper

A Radioactive Toxic Creeper.

Radioactive Toxic Creepers 
are mutated forms of Toxic Creepers. They are considered to be one of the most deadly mobs in Minecraft. They are most often found near uranium deposits, nuclear power plants, and bombed areas, although they will rarely emerge out of a cave in a desert at night. They are more dangerous than Toxic Creepers.


Radioactive Toxic Creepers explode like normal creepers, however, their blast radius is larger (a massive 30 blocks in all directions), and anyone within 10 blocks will be subjected to poison. This poison does the same damage per second as a Cave Spider, but will last for a minute. The radioactive tumors on its body will glow a bright purple when it is about to explode.


Hitting a radioactive tumor on a Radioactive Toxic Creeper will cause it to instantly explode, so they can be safely dealt with if you are 30 blocks away when you hit it. Radioactive Toxic Creepers cannot harm you if you are behind lead, no matter how close they are when they explode. They also cannot swim, and will fall over in water as deep as 1 block. Their mutated minds do not realize this danger, and they will take no care to avoid water. However, falling in the water has a chance to activate the tumors, causing it to explode as it normally would.


The Radioactive Toxic Creeper's natural habitat is uranium deposits, however they are common in the following areas:

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Bombed Areas

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