Note: 'This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
Rainbow Creeper

Rainbow(So cute)

"I will kill you!!!! for I am Rainbow who can drown you in tsunami!!"

                 -Rainbow exclaimed to Hector Goldstache

Rainbow is a character of the Kreepah and Friends series, Kreepah and Friends: Colour and Hunter and Kreepah and Friends: The Next Generation. She is known as Kreepah's Girlfriend and the youngest sister of Raindrop and Stormy.



Rainbow is the youngest creeper of her family. She is the younger sister of Raindrop and Stormy. She is the girlfriend and the heroine of Kreepah. When killed by Hector Goldstache, she burned and gave Kreepah her Coppers and Emeralds. When she revived she shot him and Creeper Face with Quencher Arrows. In the future, she was married to Kreepah and have a creeperling named Kreepo.

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