This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
Rainbow Creeper

Rainbow Creeper (So beautiful)

Rainbow Creepers  are a common mob found in Calfloward that share a very unusual trait that no other mob has; the ability to cause a rain, flood and Rainbow when exploded. Because of this, Rainbow Creepers are highly suggested to be avoided whenever possible. They can kill Fire Mobs and they are enemies of Fire Creepers and Lavamen.


Rainbow Creeper Super Charged

Super Charged

Rainbow Creepers love Nature, Calfloward Mobs and Water/Ice mobs. They dislikes fire mobs (especially Fire Creepers and Lavamen). When they spotted you killing Calfloward Mobs or a Rainy Creeper they will attack and try to kill you. They changes to inverted colours with rainbow stars when lightning hits it.This kind of water is an aqua-marine and has a very strong current. Like Rainy Creepers, the water does not damage the player if touched, but will take halfed time to drown in it and does two <3 instead of 1/2 <3 when they run out of breath. When low on health, they will explode and releases a strong flood. When dead they drops Gunpowder and Quencher Staff


Rainbow Creepers are found near water (Streams, Lakes or Rivers) in Calfloward.

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