This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
Dragon - Copy

Rainbow Dragon, so beautiful.

Rainbow Dragons or Calfloward Dragons are colourful, neutral dragons that is located in Calfloward. They come out when a Rainbow is shown. They will rise out of nowhere from the sky and fly around or eventually land.


Minecraft Fan Fiction Cover

Rainbow Dragon flying above Snow Golem and Steve in the Poster

Rainbow Dragons are friends of Rainbow Creepers and Rainbows. If they spot you killing a Rainbow Creeper it will become hostile to all mobs and the player. When hit they fly away then come back to knock you out. They can be tameable too. Once you feed them Cantaloupe with a Bucket of water, it is tamed. When killed they drop a Quencher Staff and Bottle O' Enchantment.


Once you feed a Rainbow Dragon Cantaloupe with a Bucket of water, it is tamed. They can be saddled, they are transportable, and even controllable like Horses and Spongemen.

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