This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
Rainbow Sheep

Colourful Sheep

Rainbow Sheep are Passive Mobs found in Calfloward. They are the cousins of Goat and Regular Sheep. They are the primary source of  Wools. Killing a lamb gives nothing.


They are colourful. They have Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Blue, Purple and White Wool.


Rainbow Sheep reacts the same way as normal sheep and is Unique to Calfloward. They Roam around in groups or by themselves and possibly Suicides. They all bleat and form Rainbows when Rain falls on them. Rainbow Sheep can be bred with wheat and can be bred every 5 minutes.


They are bred by Wheat like other sheep. The young has the same size of head like the adult but the body is small.


  • They cannot be dyed.

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