Rainy creeper

Rainy Creeper

Rainy Creepers are a common mob that share a very unusual trait that no other mob has; the ability to flood entire areas in a matter of seconds. Because of this, Rainy Creepers are highly suggested to be avoided whenever possible.


Rainy Creepers do not appear in any biome unless it is raining and have an 83% chance of spawning on trees. They are neutral until provoked, which they will shoot out globs of blue that explode on contact and release the same amount of water as five filled buckets. This kind of water is an aqua-marine and has a very strong current. The water does not damage the player if touched, but will take halfed time to drown in it and does two <3 instead of 1/2 <3 when they run out of breath. When low on health, they will explode and release 10 bucket's worth of their special water.


Rainy Creepers will only spawn if it is raining or thunderstorm, which makes it impossible to find them in the desert because it does not rain there.

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