Raptis remake


This mob is a Member of The Rulers.

Ruler Name

Ruler Raptis

Raptis is a tough dragon-boss found in the Far Lands. The only way to find and challenge Raptis is to first defeat Ender Steve. He is approximately as hard as the Ender Dragon and is a member of the Rulers, undergoing the name Ruler Raptis. His father is spoken to be Zharr'nagth.

Some conspiracy theorists think that Raptis originally came from an Oblivion Timeline (possibly the same one from King Ende's), but had his whole timeline swapped out with his normal one in order to bring him into existence by an infamous gang of Oblivion Creepers.


Because of his unnatural coloring, many of his peers made fun of him and he became enraged. He was also larger than average. He became corrupted in an unknown process and adapted with strange side affects that left him both physically and mentally different. Once after attempting to take his anger on people, they laid a curse on him that wherever he goes, the land becomes corrupted, thus making the Far Lands.


Raptis is randomly encountered after wandering a little in the distorted land. His eyes will glow red and a boss health bar will appear when he is near. He has the same battle tactics as the Ender Dragon, however Raptis will have 750 health (375 hearts). He is slow and does weak damage, but makes up for his high health. Beware: Raptis can fly through blocks.

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