Reanpe in creeper form

Reanpe (REEN-pay) is a myth and was never proven to exist, but his estimated power easily towers over Rholn's. He has one blue eye, one red eye, and a yellow mouth. The thunder bolt on his stomach is supposed to stand for his "rage like a thunderstorm" (quote in one rumor).

Some people think that Reanpe is a deformed Oblivion Creeper from an Oblivion Timeline that was brought into Aero in order to spy for information in partnership with The Monster, but the purpose of this is unknown.

Myths + Legends

Speaking, writing, ect. Reanpe's name is supposed to bring bad luck to anyone who does so and curse them to end in the same fate as Fractis'cantor. His screech is supposedly enough to make a follower of Rholn die in fear, and create anything around him within 60 miles to perish and turn to dust. When one eye glows, there is a guarenteed chance that something bad will happen. He has the power to destroy the world and all other dimensions with a single bolt of red lightning. Although his power is all rumored, his existance is still not known for sure.

No one knows who made up Reanpe or why, but conspiracy theorists think that a lot of 'bad luck' is from Reanpe. He can turn into a horrible beast that would strike fear into anything that looks at him. The things that do look at his true form are cursed to turn into stone statues, though this excludes Derikas, Defominums, Followers of Haskoradom, and few others. With the non-stone morphers, they are usually bound to fear for a long period of time, but this is not logical for Defominums.

According to popular belief, even if Reanpe is disguised as something else, there is always a very cold chill in the air and nearby plants seem to wither up and die. Also, the sun sometimes stops moving (similar to Rholn) and all beings would flee. The sky is told to turn red as well. Reanpe is classified as all races, including unearthly races and races from foreign places. His tier is supposed to be a mix of everything, plus others that do not exist...yet.

Reanpe's presence will cause a lot (if not all) people nearby to feel suddenly light-headed, nauseus, or sometimes make them pass out. Others that are more immune to this will usually feel few symptoms. Reanpe does not talk, but seems to speak with the expressions on his face. Skuras (or Zaechins) are sometimes seen fleeing when he is near. Even Rholn believes in Reanpe and flees when he is mentioned.

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