This is RedFurnace's poems. It is restricted that only admins may edit.

I want Emeralds

Don't want no More Golds

I already have Diamonds

I already have many Redstones

And I dislike Pokemon

There's only one thing I want

To make me a boss

No more wars, no more taunts

There is something I don't want to lost

I want Emeralds

They are Green and Shiny

I want Emeralds

Even if they are spikey

What I like about Minecraft

It's Blocky, Indie and Adventurous

It has Many Dreams that comes through

Everyone plays including Toboscus

Those who hate it are weak Kangaroo

There are Ores, Animals, Food

Goods, Weapons, Tools

Geography, Fun and Myths

Monsters, Dimensions and Secret Pits

Best thng created by Notch

Makes me want Butterscotch

Do Not Distribute!

Just sit back and Eat some Fruits.


Herobrine and Israphel,

Legends we know well,

Cannot found in villagers' wells

They are creepy unlike Bells.

Never interfere them,

Or you are dead in minecraft,

If you ever find them,

Do not go and Craft!

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