Restless Creeper
Restless Creeper RemakeTrans
Conceptual paint art

SaveGame ID


Attack Strength

Easy: Default

Normal: +1.5 Mc heart

Hard: +3 Mc heart


18 Mc heart (36 health)

Armor Points

2 Mc armor


Body Slam: 2.5 Mc heart


Neutral to Conducive Creepers and bosses

Hostile to all other mobs

Restless Creepers are a dangerous subspecies of regular creepers.



  • Size: 2.5 blocks
  • Drops: N/a
  • XP: 10
  • Speed: 3 m/s


Restless Creepers can be highly annoying, as they can destroy blocks by running into them (not including bedrock, obsidian, and blocks of diamond, redstone, etc.). They will be able to spot the Player from 20 blocks away, as opposed to the typical 16. When they see the Player, they will immediately run over and bump into the Player to do minor damage.

Restless Creepers, when killed, tend to come back to the Player to attack them again. Usually, this only happens twice or three times until it will stop. They, however, tend to not bother the Player when it is raining or if there is a lot of water around the Player's home.

Unless you have a large horde of wolves, it is not advised to make dogs attack Restless Creepers, as they will usually be able to kill the dogs before any big damage is done. Also, the wolves will still be targetting the Restless Creeper even after it dies, because it will respawn somewhere else upon death to then re-attack the Player.

Restless Creepers tend to pick fights with other creeper variations that are nearby them. This is especially apparent when the Player is in Creative Mode. The better the gear that the Player has, the more likely the Restless Creeper won't visit the Player again.

Creative Mode

As mentioned above, Restless Creepers will target other mobs more often in Creative Mode. They, of course, won't attack the Player if the Player hits them, but they will still attack wolves.


Restless Creepers, every 3 minutes, have a 30% chance of spawning in every 6 x 6 x 6 pocket of air nearby the Player in any biome (excluding volcanoes). This makes them somewhat common, but as the Player gets higher gear, their spawn rates will diminish.


  • Due to a bug, Restless Creepers will try to run away from cats but will still be hostile to them. This causes them to enter a buggy "hop" loop, preventing them from moving.

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