• The Rare found one
  • The Normal One

Sandstone Monster Egg ''(also known as'' Sand Dragon Egg, Juniowian Technical blocks or Block 99) is a block that spawns Sand Dragon when broken. Sandstone Monster Eggs have identical looks to either Sandstone, or Smooth Sandstone, and are naturally found on top of Extreme Hills biomes, hiding among the true blocks in Juniow. When breaking it with a pickaxe it takes noticeably longer to mine than regular sandstone or smooth sandstone, making it relatively easy to distinguish from the regular blocks, if one is careful enough. The block can also be destroyed by hand fairly quickly, unlike regular stone blocks. Mining a Sandstone Monster Egg with a Enchanted Tool Silk Touch enchantment does not give the player a Monster Egg block, but the type of block that the Monster Egg is disguised as. The Sandstone version is rare.

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