Scourgan steve

Scourgan Steve

Scourgan Steve is Scourge's result in an attempt to brainswash and hypnotize people to obey him. People who are hypnotized usually have larger eyes and slow movements. They are technically not bosses, however cutscenes will play whenever the Player sees one. They speak in Scourgis.


Scourgan Steves have their own cutscenes despite not being a boss, though they start neutral.

(cutscene lines)

  • The player whistles a song while holding a pickaxe*
  • He/she hears moaning*

The Player: Dang. More daytime-surviving zombies. Better get my sword.

  • A scourgan Steve steps out of the gloom and mutteres under his breath*

The Player: Uh...are you ok?

Scourgan Steve: *talking in Scourgis* Padako jhu'kratha xao haskodaka zekal uradoni yadbo...

The Player: What? Hello? Do you see me?!

Scourgan Steve: *looks at him/her angrily* Padako ye juno ta?

The Player: *confused* What?

  • The scourgan Steve charges*

(end of cutscene)

Scourgan Steves behave exactly like zombies, however they will play the puching animation when within a two-block radius and chase the player for 50 blocks, making them highly annoying. When killed, they have a 33% chance of dropping a single piece of gold armour and ingots.

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