Scourgegang flag

ScourgeGang flag

ScourgeGang is a band of rebel monsters that was founded shortly after Steve (Herobrine) died. They are entirely composed of bosses.


ScourgeGang, originally intended for their leader's own purposes, is a loosely organized clan of monsters that were enemies with Herobrine. They did not think that they could trust an unknown species, thus they rebelled against him numerous times. They do not have an official "deputy" or "second-in-command", but rather several sub-leaders that are usually the ones who give the commands. Their flag represents the Seven Soldiers (the sub-leaders in this case), and the top star represents Scourge, the founder of ScourgeGang. The only distinct trait that links them all is their mutual love of Insane Clown Posse.

Members (Known)

Devil - Former Member more powerful than leader Scourge

Haphasteus - Wingless dragon

Lucas - Spider; Origonally human

Rexx - Wither

Scourge - Unknown species; leader and founder

Ladnav - Enderman

Gro - Bat

Syla - Fire Creeper

Shadow - Wolf

Herlom - Zap-Pulse

Bruno - Spider; Lucas' brother

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