Scourgis is the main language shared by ScourgeGang members!

English to Scourgis translation

The Scourgis language is very simple, only having as many words as needed for a basic conversation. This page will be updated to hold more translations daily.

Hello/Goodbye - utaiha (oo-TYE-uh)

You - juno (shoo-NO)

Have - ye (YAY)

Come - ta (TAH)

See - fis (FIS)

I see - dofis (DOE-fis)

Protect/Protector/Protection/Protecting - shilib (SHY-lub)

And - es (EZ)

Human/Person - zekal (ZAY-call)

Talk/Talking/Speaking - haskodaka (HAS-koh-DOH-kuh)

Nice - aoibin (AYO-ee-BEEN)

Give - leono (LEE-own-oh)

I will - kea (KEY-uh)

To - awi (AH-wee)

Are - rhaka (ROCK-uh)

Fool/Foolish - ka ja (KAH SHUH)

Young - vub (VUHB)

Destroy - taquonarka (TAK-whuh-NARK-uh)

Him - ifis (EYE-fis)

For - uwa (OOH-wah)

Meet - lapna (LAP-nuh)

Fun - aesal (EYE-es-ALL)

Good - wer (WERE)

Bad - hondaro (on-DAR-oh)

Yes - he gi (HEY gee)

No - paj (POSH)

Scourge - srough (SROW-guh)

Later - baoug (BAWG)

Scourgis - sea leo (SEE-uh LEE-oh)

Don't/Can't - jhu'kratha (SHOO kroth-UH)

I/Me - xao (SAY-oh)

Anymore - yadbo (YAD-boh)

English - uradoni (YOU'RE-ah-DONE-ee)

Yet/But - poala (poh-ALL-uh)

This/That -opai (oh-PIE)

It/It's/Is - leako (lee-AK-oh)

Really - radithus (ray-DIH-thus)

Him/He/His - argoa (ARE-go-uh)

Her/She/Hers - hawiargoa (HAH-wee-ARE-go-uh)

Scary/Freaky - tar na se (TAR noh SAY)

Creeper - caipa (KYE-pah)

Corrupted - covano (koh-VON-oh)

Ghast - gastonis (gast-OWN-ees)

Ender - eayar (ee-YAY-yahr)

Enderman - eayarargoa (ee-YAY-yahr-ARE-go-uh)

Zombie - covanis (koh-VON-is)

Why - padako (puh-DAK-oh)

Do - weatis (WREH-tis)

Redblockian/Rejin - Qardara isiq (CAR-dar-uh EYE-see-kwuh)

Love/Loves/Loved - lumina (LOO-mih-nah)

Dragon - jaer (SHARE)

Herd/Herder/Herding - nadon(NAY-done)

Herd/Flock/Pack/Group - heroash (AIR-oh-ash)

Skaidron - sicillis (sis-SEE-lus)

Ravage/Ravager - aboeab (ay-BOH-hee-ahb)

Deatharian - daeawapie (DAY-awoh-PEA)




Kicked the bucket - Orand po lia do (oh-ROND POE LEE-uh DOE)

My name is (...) - Irada koiha (eye-RAE-duh ko-EE-ha)

Good morning - Wer reang ura (WERE ree-ONG YOUR-ah)

This is interesting - Opai leako oambasa (oh-PIE lee-AK-oh oh-om-BOSS-ah)

Nice to meet you - Aoabin awi lapna juno (AYO-ee-BEEN AH-wee LAP-nuh SHOO-no)

See you later - Fis juno baoug (FIS SHOO-no BOWG)




Rose/Moon/Emerald - roisla (row-EEZ-la)

Silver/Iron - ioronis (eye-ARE-oh-nis)

Annabeth - oraska dao (oh-ROSK-ah DAY-oh)

Herobrine - harobian (HAY-ro-BEE-an)

Ender Steve - eayar zekal (ee-YAY-yar ZAY-call)

Hail/Sapphire - sapphiris (saph-EYE-ris)

EpicFailiure (Epic) - Eripica Faita (air-RIP-ih-cuh FIE-tuh)

Skymoon (Sky) - Staila Reono(STY-luh ree-OWN-oh)

Dialgaofpower (Dialga) - Aqavictinis (AH-kwuh-vict-EE-nis)


  • "Juno" is the name of the Roman goddess in ancient mythology.
  • "Xao" is sometimes used as a Chinese name.
  • "Aqa" is 'Aqua' without the 'u' and is the latin word for water.

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