Seadryn are a rare hybrid found in rivers and lakes. Their parents were a Zap-Pulse and a Marine Creeper. They swim very fast and sometimes interract with the Player.


When unprovoked, Seadryn can "play" with the Player, in which it appears as a game of water-tag. Though, when the player loses, the Seadryn rams into the player to do half a <3 and they start to swim away, as if coaxing a new game. However, when provoked, Seadryn can be deadly in combat, for they can do up to 5 <3 of damage when coming in full-out contact with them. They can also force the Player underwater and drown them.


Seadryn live in rivers and lakes, and spawn with a 12% chance every 2x2x2 volume of water.

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