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Shadow Creepers are a stealthy, black-coloured variation of
Shadow Creeper Remake

Shadow Creeper

his green cousin. They are absolutely silent, even when taking damage. They do not explode and only come out at night and will vanish the second daylight touches his surroundings.

If they are attacked with a Void Arrow and The Haskordathera in the chest at night, they will shapeshift into Shadow Reepers.


Shadow Creepers are very intellegent and can "dissolve" into the shadows of trees or buildings if the miner turns around. Once they are close enough, they screech loudly and then flatten their target by pouncing on their backs. Once stunned, their targets are temporarily blinded and the Shadow Creeper disappears. Once a miner can see again, they find some of their items stolen. The same Shadow Creeper can be located at night if it is holding up one of the stolen items.


Shadow Creepers can use the item(s) they steal, including placing blocks randomly, attacking with a sword, and drinking a potion. However, if one has a sword, the damage dealt will be halved.


Shadow Creepers have a blind spot near their sides, and so can be easily snuck up on in a crouch. If a Shadow Creeper is still holding items when killed, it will drop those items. They are 1.5x slower than a normal creeper, making them easy to outrun.


Strangely enough, during the night Shadow Creepers are attracted to light (Glowstone, Torches, and Jack o' Lanterns), making them easy to spot. They are mostly found in open, grassy areas in a light level 9 or less. If they are forced to stay out in the daytime, they are passive towards miners. They will attack wolves, chickens, and sheep.


Shadow Creepers can scare you in the night, but following these tips should help you sleep:

  • If a Shadow Creeper drinks any kind of potion, it dies. Always keep unwanted potions with you if you are attacked.
  • Wearing a pumpkin on your head will prevent Shadow Creepers from attacking as long as you don't hit them.