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Silver Spear

Silver Spear is a strong weapon that can be crafted with Silver and Sticks. They work best in Omberland. The spear tip is sharp and pointy that can destroy Armor (including Diamond and especially Iron)..



Silver Spears have 125 uses and are simply used to hit mobs. When in the regular overworld, they deal 3 1/2 health However, when in Omberland, they deal 6 health and 5 health when 2/3 damaged. They can stack in 16. When the player hits a passive mob ,neutral mobs (which are Wolves or Sharks) and silverfishes it gives an OTK, if you hit other neutral mobs they will have 2 chance of attacking. If you hit a hostile mob it will have 3 chances of attacking. However it is weak to Iron Golems and Diamond Golems.

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