Skaidrons (pronounced SKY-druhn) are an uncommon, wingless species of dragon that have two tails, long protruding canines, and tend to be very large with a single horn on their head and back, along with two shoulder spikes. They are usually seen around Mountain biomes.


Despite all of their dangerous weapons, Skaidrons are actually passive mobs with a twist. They will react to things that attack them by swinging their tails around once and then will flee. Each tail deals about 2 1/2 <3, meaning that if the player is hit by both tails they will lose half of their health (5 <3). Skaidrons have 20 <3, the same as an Enderman, and 3 Armor points. They drop a load of XP orbs when killed (10). If attacked by undead mobs (Skeleton, Zombie, ect.), they will only flee.


Skaidron will be found at high altitudes and most commonly at Mountain Biomes, and will occasionaly clash with Mountain Creepers and Flying Creepers.

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