Skaidron creeper

Skaidron Creeper

Skaidron Creepers are a very rare hybrid found only around Mountain biomes. Their strange appearance draws some people to fight them, but beware that they are very hard to fight and an unprepared player will easily get killed. They were born by breeding a Skaidron and a Creeper.


Skaidron Creepers sometimes tag along Skaidrons themselves and when they are attacked, all will turn hostile, even if it was a Mountain Creeper or Flying Creeper. There is a 60% chance that when hit, the player will be poisoned. The poison works exactly like the Wither effect, but will turn the health bar green. Their only weakness is their slow speed.


Skaidron Creepers inhabit mountains, often straying behind Skaidrons and fighting among them to get rid of other mobs that attack them.

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