This is SkyMoon1234's poems. It is restricted that only admins may edit.

Silver Love

From the moon so far

and the oceans so wide

I was driving in my car

to find some place to hide

That's where I saw you

Silver eyes twinkling

Now the only thing I do

is keep my brain thinking

Every night I lay awake

never to sleep

For finding those silver eyes was no piece of cake

and every time I fail, I weep 

I drove under a restless sky

Hoping to see her again

When she wasn't there, I began to cry

Waiting 'till twelve AM

Then a gentle tap, a soft touch

rested on my shoulder

"It grew too much

seeing your heart grow colder."

I looked up and there she was

Silver eyes gleaming

a lone thought came to occur

"You are not dreaming."

My heart thumped

cheeks swelling red

This girl looked stumped

as if regretting what she had said

I stood, wiping away tears

and whispered softly

"You took away my fears

I love you and you love me, surely?"

"Yes," She replied, a silent plea

We walked away, hand in hand

It was the night she met me

She is the one I demand

We walk the earth together

like two graceful doves

It was all for the better

she is the one I love

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