Snowy dragon

Snowy Dragon

Snowy Dragons are an uncommon mob from Icengard. They are usually airborne, but they sometimes land. They are neutral, like all the other mobs living among them.


When attacked, they have the same behavior pattern as an Ender Dragon and never land, but they also shoot iceballs every 10 seconds. They have 50 <3 and their charges do 4 <3. These will explode on contact, but damage to the environment is minimal. If its comrades also are hit, one or two Snowy Dragons may be on your trail. They can see up to 100 blocks away, like a ghast. When killed, they drop 0-4 Blue Snowballs and 1-3 Ice Shards.


Snowy Dragons are found only in Icengard. They spawn with a 49% chance every 10x10 area.

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