Space Travel is a unique method of reaching to other planets. It requires many resources and is hard to achive. The player can visit the Moon, Mars, Pluto, and others.

Required Resources

Engine: 4 Iron, 2 redstone

Ship: I Flint & Steel, 5 Iron, 1 engine, 1 glass, 1 furnace

Launch Pad: 8 Iron


Visiting other planets does not require a suit, and the player can stay as long as wanted. This way, they can get blocks found nowhere else (Moon Rock, Meteor Bit, Mars Rock, Mars Dust, and Plutonium) and require only a stone pickaxe to mine. The player can jump five times higher and will be able to glide. Aliens can be found on Mars and Pluto. It is possible to bring an alien to the player's world, but they will burst to flames once they exit.

Places And Things to See

The Moon: Minecraft's natural satelite. Moon Rocks and Meteor bits can be found on the surface. The player can see Mars, the Sun, and Earth from the Moon. Moon Rocks will easily be mined with a stone pickaxe.

Mars: "Houston, we have a problem..." Aliens can be found in Mars as well as Mars Rocks and Dust. Aliens will not attack the player, even if attacked. If the player is lucky enough, they will very rarely see a spaceship fly around the sky. It cannot be interacted with, however.

Pluto: Plutonium is the only substance players will find on Pluto (despite it being a chemical, not a solid material) and few aliens will be found. The player can see Pluto's moons in the north part of the sky.

Nyan Cat: Oddly enough! Sometimes, Nyan Cat will whizz by in the sky while the player is on a planet or in their ship. It only happens for about a second before disappearing again.

Alien: Aliens will make buzzing noises when approached. They are green and hop on one foot. They never attack the player.