This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction

Boss 1

Spider Centaur, Replacing Spider Jockey :)

Spider Centaurs are Armed, Hostile Mobs that are found in Possible World and is replacing the Spider Jockey, Spider amd Skeleton.


These Monsters' Bow and Arrow is a Fire Aspect but is no shiny like enchanted Tools or Weapons. They are the fastest Hybrid Mob and fastest mob of Possible World. They are good in Sniper Dueling. They do wear Armors but only Helmets and Chestplates. Their Damage is 5% stronger than any Spider or Skeleton. When Morning arrives they burn to death. When killed, they drop Bonemeal, Fire Aspect Arrows, Cobweb (rare), Bow (rare) and Armor(rare).


  • Spider Centaurs replace Spiders, Skeletons and Spider jockeys in the dimension, Possible World.

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