Spirit Scythe

Spirit Scythe

The Spirit Scythe is the strongest sword in the game. Although it works best on ghosts, it can be used to fight living mobs. It can only be obtained by killing Scourge. It appears somewhat like a sickle.



The Spirit Scythe is a weapon that can kill ghosts and undead mobs. This means that with this weapon, it is possible to fight Ghost Creepers, Mist Creepers, and Abandominium Creepers and kill them. In fact, it is necessary that the Player uses a Spirit Scythe to attack them, since regular weapons will do literally nothing. On average, it deals 10 Mc heart to undead mobs (zombies, skeletons, zompie pigmen, ect.), and 5 Mc heart to regular mobs. It has a durability of 4,000, but attacking regular mobs takes up two durability instead of one.

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