CHAPTER 1

                                                              The Squids and Me

"where am I?" i said. it was dark and it smelled of squids. 'What the...". Just earlier i was at SKY ARMY HQ , i was training and talking to my friends, when all of the sudden a bright flash came. after that it went dark and everyone was gone.

"Hello!!" i said, then i found out i wasn't alone... right next to me was Ty a.k.a Deadlox "where are we?" i asked. "I think... we are captured by squids." he said. "You are right human, we have you at our base" said a voice. " Who are you?" i said (I was confused and about to pass out) " Don't you know anything?!?" said the squid. Deadlox was yelling something, i couldn't tell though, because i was passing out, but before i did i weakly said "squids what did you do with sky? 

----------------------------------------------------------------DEADLOX ----------------------------------

I was tied up, didn't know where i was, when all the sudden i heard someone, a recruit, scream. They asked "where are we?" i said we were captured by squids. a squid came over and the recruit  passed out. "WHERE IS SKY!!!" i yelled. then they squid made me pass out also.

i woke up, in a cage, the recruit was awake. She was talking ON A SECRET BUDDER PHONE!! smart, but how did she get it in here? i'm not sure, but she did.


I woke , confused, then remebered that I had a budder phone hidden,i was thinking who to call."I KNOW! i will call my friend, Caitlyn" i said. i called her up, making sure no squids were around.  after awhile (and a lot of checking for squids) she answered."Hello" she said.

"umm... Caitlyn" 


"i need help"i said sounding nervous

"with what"

"... i am... captured by...squids" she was silent

"you have to be joking, right?" she sounded skeptical.

"no it's true" i said

"WHAT! Where are you?" she half-yelled.

"in the middle of the ocean." 

"I'm coming to get you!"she said

"wait stay quiet." i said as a squid was coming over. 


The recruit was talking to her friend, i guess. all the sudden a squid came over, i was wondering if the friend on the phone was listening.The squid  started talking, it was saying something about sky army. i think he said "Hello, skyarmy recruits. Are you happy with yoour new home?"

"what do you want with us?!?", yelled the recruit.

"to turn you into us." said the squid

"what, how can you do that?" i said

"with your own gold...oh wait u don't say gold" said the squid

"what is gold?" said the recruit.

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