Dragon Legend

The Legendary, Chinese Sun Dragon

Sun Long Spawn

Spawning a Sun Dragon

Sun Dragons
 or Sun Longs are Hot, Utility Dragons that is only spawned by using Four Daylight Sensors around an activated Redstone Lamp (see the figure below with them). When Spawned, they come out of nowhere from the sky. Once you've spawned it, it is your friend (tamed). It can automatically headbutt a Hostile Mob or any Mob you hit and they will burn to death (even Withers and Witches and except Obsidian Dragons).


Sun Longs Legendary Dragons and are friends of Players who Spawns them. If they spot another Sun Dragon, they will fly around each other. They can be bred too if you give them Golden Apples, Bucket of Lava or Hay Bales and it will lay an Orange Egg on fire. They cannot be spawned in dimensions without the Sun (like the Nether, BlackDown, BlackNether or The End). No mobs, except Players, Quenchers or Splash Centipedes can kill a Sun Long. Also, they can be ridden without saddles. Sun Dragons can only be killed by Drowning in Water or Quencher Arrows. When Killed, They Drop Bucket of Lavas and Sunstones.


  • Long is Dragon in Chinese.

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