Sunstone Swords are one of the most useful tools in Minecraft.
Sun Blade

Sunstone Sword

 They have 1876 uses and have several unique aspects that make them stand out from other weapons. They require two Sunstones to craft.


Sunstone Swords will light any mob on fire under direct contact every time. The fire lasts forever and deals about as much damage as contact to lava. As well as being able to light mobs on fire, it can receive all sword enchantments at once instead of the regular four max, and all enchantment levels (i.e. Knockback II) are bumped up to a max of X (10), other than Fire Aspect. Instead of Bane of Arthropods and Smite only going up to V (5), they are X. This means that if the Sunstone Sword has all possible sword enchantments at X, it kicks off the Armageddon Blade from 1st. Without any enchantments, the Sunstone Sword deals 7 <3. It was made from the sun itself

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