The Tdul (pronounced: dool) are a race of monstorous creatures. They are not to be messed with.


The Tduls were one of Ayak Krahm's creations while he was enraged. Therefore, they are very dangerous.

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A regular Tdul


When a Tdul spawns, a growling sound is made, warning the player. When the player is close to the Tdul, the growl will loop continuously until the Tdul is dead, or the player dies.  When in combat, the Tdul will often teleport behind the player or strike them with spells. It will get knocked back when hit and will say "Deradaka!", also triggering a random spell. These creatures have 350 <3 and are one of the strongest non-boss mobs. Their weakness is Angelic Weapons forged by a Righteous Minecraftian. Tduls are 10 blocks wide, 9 blocks long and 15 blocks tall.

Clan Leader

(picture coming soon)

The Clan Leader Tduls are feirce attackers. They often weild Tdul-Blades or Unmasker Blades


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