The after

A glimpse of the Afterworld.

Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

The Afterworld is a dimension that can only be accessed after the player defeats Ender Steve. It is home to Herobrine and all known hostile mobs. It is much like The End, and monsters can be found everywhere. There are no bosses in The Afterworld. It is all made of stone.


  • Creepers (+All Variations)
  • Spiders
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies
  • Zombie Pigmen
  • Endermen
  • Ghasts
  • Blazes
  • Magma Cubes
  • ender pigman
  • Herobrine (Boss)
  • ender ghast
  • robotic skeleton (rare)
  • robotic zombie (rare)
  • wither (boss)
  • wither skeletons
  • death human (boss)