The Fallen
 The Fallen is not one of the creepers you see daily and only spawns at night in the month October. It spawns along side the Terror Creeper, and vanishes when it reaches morning.


The Fallen will create smoke where ever it goes, making the fallen hard to see. It has 10 <3's and can jump up to 3 blocks. It can shoot Flame charges at the player and can give blindness to the player when shot with a bow. It travels with the Terror Creeper and stay's with it until it dies. It's weakness is being in a snow biome. If it is in a snow biome, it will get slowness and weakness. If snowballs hit it, it will get 6 hearts of damage. Once killed it will drop 0-3 ink sacks, 0-2 Any enchanted book, and 1-4 Flame charges.

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