The Legends Of Zyan


I wake up to see the same thing every morning; a few walls that surround the cage I am imprisoned in. And I think to myself, "How did I even get here?"

                                                              Chapter 1 

                                                   The Terrible Misshap

    My name is Zyan Dragoner Moonsina.... or at least I think it is. I mean, that's what I've found out. I think this is because I have some evidence of what i was like before... when the tragedy happened.

I was all alone in my crib one day when I saw an amulet in the corner of the room. When I tried to get out, I just fell back into my crib. When i couldn't get it, I started crying. When mom came in to see what was the matter, the amulet was gone.

That was my first encounter with what was to lay ahead. The next mysterious encounter happened when I was 13. I heard a noise comeing from the closet. I walked in to see what was the matter when I saw the amulet again. I held it, felling queasy, and tried to put it down. But just as I did it, it came back into my hand. I was scared by this and ran into the kitchen to tell mom. I walked in and knew something was wrong. Mom was there but she didn't notice me. When I called to her, she wouldn't answer. I was freaked out, so I ran into Skyla's room (yes, I said it. Skyla's room) and tried to tell her what was happening. But,  just as I started to talk to her, she stood up and stared directly at me. Or at least directly behind me, at the picture on the wall. She didn't even notice me! I was horrified! I started to scream at the top of my lunges, but nothing would happen. Suddenly, the amulet fell from my hand and latched on to my neck. I screamed so much that i coudn't anymore. At  that instance, I slowly fell to the ground and blacked out.

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