The Legends Of Zyan

                                                                    Chapter Two

                                                                    The First time

I wake up in a feild just outside what sceems to be a burning. allthoagh i cannot be shure what is what anyore. how did i get here, i say standing up. but just as i do i notise that the amulet is gone and in its place, a burn mark in my chest. Weird i say. then i knotice my hair that has turned grey."What is Happening" i say scared.

            I walk into the village which has ben reduced to ashes exept for a small firepit in the center. "how ironic"i say peculiarly. I find a lake on the other side of the village and head over there, thats when i notise my eyes wich are red, and my face wich is pale in the water. i dip down and take a drink from the crisp clear liquid. I still dont know what is going on. Ithink walking along the bank." what does the amulet have to do with this and why no one could hear or see me.

I walk and walk until i get into a thick woods, and climb inside a thick sturdy tree,and slowly fall asleep in my never ending questions.

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