This is a fictional story that takes place in many minecraft dimensions. Starting with the Nether.


EpicFailiure was walking carefully through the nether fortress... The blazes that inhabited were getting closer and closer.

"Hi!", somebody behind EpicFailiure said.

"AHH!!! Oh.. its just you, ferret.", EpicFailiure yelped.

"Yes indeed. Learn not to scream too loud, that will annoy the zombie pigmen.", Ferret joked.

A few blazes peaked over the corridor.

"And it leads blazes to us!", EpicFailiure said annoyed.

"You bring your enchanted wooden sword?", Ferret asked.

"I brought my enchanted diamond sword...", EpicFailiure replied.

"We're doomed.", Ferret said sarcasticly.

EpicFailiure unshealthed his diamond sword which has an enchantment of Knockback I. The Blazes breathed heavily in anticipation on the battle to come.

Chapter 1

The Blazes had suddenly got caught on fire.

"They're about to fire.", Ferret murmured.

"And they shoot 3 Fireballs unlike the ghasts who only shoot one.", EpicFailiure added to that statement.

The blazes shot fireballs at the two people and paused so they could recharge.

"This is our chance.", EpicFailiure said as he attacked the Blaze with his sword.

Ferret joined in with his diamond sword.

"How much health do they have?", Ferret asked after knocking out one blaze.

"As far as I know, as much as a creeper.", EpicFailiure responded as the blazes recharged,

"That means it'll take 2 hits for either of us.", Ferret replied hapily.

They waited for the next blast which came rather quickly. As this happened EpicFailiure and Ferret managed to kill the blazes. The Blazes dropped a yellowish orangish rod.

"A Blaze rod?", Ferret asked.

"Yeah... I get a ton of those...", EpicFailiure responded.

"Well, I think we can go to the end,", Ferret said hapily.

"No. We need alot more materials. We need the ender pearls and we need to know where the stronghold is...", EpicFailiure explained.

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