The Paradox is a realm of demonic horror and has mobs that can 'daze' the player and cause them to not be able to attack for awhile. It is also one of the few 'secret' dimensions. When entering, the player gets a 'Fear' bar. When this bar gets full, the player will die. Every time you are hit by a shadow mob, you earn fear. If you stay out of battles for awhile, you will lose fear. This dimension is very much like the overworld because it has side dimensions. (The Pits Of Paradox is equivilant to The Nether)


P-P Distorted Castle

The Pits Of Paradox

The Pits Of Paradox is a side dimension. It is the "Nether" of The Paradox. You can get to it by digging down to layer 40. It has Distorted Castles, the Paradox version of Nether Fortresses.


Ominous Shade


Demon Of Destruction



  • In real life, a paradox is a statement that contradicts itself, but is actually true.

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